Ecomarket is a celebration of diversity that emphasizes specific, individual-focused concepts of sustainability. These include slow down, simplify, quality over quantity cooperation over competition and interdependence.
Stepping forward into the past for a sustainble future tutored by rhythms of nature, we invite all to share the fun as we congregate in joy.

People gathering to barter, trade, buy and sell is timeless.

For a large portion of human history, this was out of necessity, done in the spirit of cooperation to meet basic needs.  In times past, life was simple. People traded and bartered for the purpose of obtaining enough of what they needed:  keeping warm, food, medicine, shelter, and clothing.

At the height of the modern day of convenience and excess the eco and timeless market for sustainability has a different common ground than our human predecessors had, but essential nonetheless-sustainability. And the bounty of nature can still be enjoyed to its fullest!

It is possible for industries, trades to use  sustainable methods in their practice as a way of meeting in the middle as a common ground. Educators, artists, small (and green) business, non-profits meet together for an annual eco market.

Who can argue with the eco choice?

Each fall we meet together to share the bounty of nature and the harvest. Be sure to come and check out the markets this fall!  Enjoy authentic food, live music,  and experience the beautiful diversity of our planet.